Who am I?


Hello there, my name is Hayley Greene and I am addicted to travel.

I’ve swam with sharks in Hawaii, jumped out of a plane in California, gone canyoning through the Swiss Alps, and swam through the caves of Croatia…but it’s still not enough.

I’ve tried the 9-to-5 route and I just couldn’t do it.  In fact, I spent a lot of the time that I was supposed to be working coming up with ideas for this blog.  Oops.

I’ve spent the last eight years of my life trying out new ways of travel, hoping to figure out that perfect mixture of work and play.  I studied abroad in Scotland, worked in a hostel in Costa Rica, and most recently, taught english to children in Germany, but all I’ve really wanted to do this entire time is write.  I want to take all the knowledge I’ve gathered up over the last crazy decade and pass it on to the countless other women out there dreaming of taking that first step abroad.

The most common thing I hear from people when I talk about my latest travel adventure is that I am “so brave”.  Solo travel, and especially solo female travel, has the reputation for being both scary and dangerous.  I’m here to tell you it’s the opposite.  To me, solo travel is more along the lines of badass, hilarious, challenging, and above all, liberating.  There is no reason to be afraid.

I’m here to blow your mind with travel insight, hilarity, and the occasional use of profanity.  Let’s have a good time.



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