Room Tour – Travel Themed

I’ve spent the better half of the last year collecting and creating things to fit into my travel-themed room.  Around ninety percent of my room was thrifted or made by me.  I really enjoy waking up surrounded by my passion, and it is always a great reminder of what I love and where I want to be in the future.

I’ve made a quick YouTube video to make it easier to see the entire room.  It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I worked really hard and I’m very proud of what I accomplished on such a small budget.  I’ve posted close-ups and extra information below.

Hope you enjoy :)




IMG_1479The picture frames were either purchased at Goodwill, Aaron Brothers, or I made them myself.  I took the photos while abroad, and made sure to put some of my favorite places on display.  I have Paris, Munich, Cinque Terre, Scotland and Santa Barbara above my dresser.

I also decorated with a random assortment of trinkets and souvenirs from abroad.  I really tried to keep everything very simple and low-key.


More trinkets from abroad (Buddha from China, picture from my year in Scotland), one of my travel journals, and the “Secret Garden”, my favorite story.



I saw a suitcase table on Etsy a while back for a whopping $300, and decided it made a lot more sense to make my own.  Along with being a kick-ass reading table, I also use the bottom two for storage.  The big brown suitcase was from Goodwill, the middle suitcase was gifted to me, and the top suitcase is actually a record player that my brother bought off of Amazon.  I put a couple travel books on top, some crocodile souvenirs my friends and family have collected along the way, and another picture of Scotland.  

To the right is an Ikea chair with a map pillow from Target.  I used another slim suitcase (from Goodwill) to prop up my lamp.



I saw a poster like this on but it was way out of my price range and looked pretty easy to recreate.  I bought the frame at Goodwill and all the craft supplies from Michaels.  I love this poster! I think it represents myself and my blog perfectly :)



These canvases were also another DIY project I took on.  I bought the canvases from Aaron Brothers, and mod-podged travel-themed tissue paper onto them.  The first one has birds and postage stamps, the second one is text about adventure and discovery, and the third is just a splattering of Parisian symbols and text.



I bought this teapot holder from Goodwill after discovering them in Germany.  The hedgehog is also an homage to my time spent in Deutschland.  I created the candle holders by tying some twine around mason jars, finding chalkboard stickers and chalk, and decorating them with peace, love, and travel.  

I hope you enjoyed taking a look around my room and that it gave you some great ideas!  Let me know what you think down below!   

One thought on “Room Tour – Travel Themed

  1. I L-O-V-E your room. It screams you. I wouldn’t change a thing. A touch of the bohemian and a touch eclectic its just so you. And I know you keep it that neat all the time, right?

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