What girls should pack to go backpacking

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So, I officially leave in 7 1/2 hours, yet I have still not packed.  You could say that procrastination is my strong suit.

Besides the normal things such as underwear, shirts, pants, pajamas, I’ve discovered a few helpful items that make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Here are a few items (most will benefit women) that I’ve found make my trip a little easier, and a lot lighter.

Microfiber towel

ImageTowels are HEAVY, especially when wet.  Obviously.  A microfiber towel has the ability to dry in minutes.  The MicroNet towel also comes with an awesome mesh bag that allows your towel to attach to your backpack and dry while on the go.  The only problem I found is that they come in relatively small sizes.  They aren’t made to replace your beach towel, but are perfect for hostel living.

The Turbo Twist


I have a ridiculous amount of hair.  I’m not one of those girls that’s like “oh my god, my hair is so thick and gorgeous, I hate it”  It’s more like “holy shit, I fucking hate my hair.  I will do anything to tame it, but the damn frizz always evades me”  I once had a hair straightening appointment that lasted EIGHT  hours.  I cried at the end.  Anyways, this towel is only a little larger than your head, and if you have long tendrils cursing your life, this is a lifesaver. It is small enough to pack, minimizes towel room in your backpack, and dries in about 1/2 an hour.  It will save you time, and wet hair.

Bobby pin pack


If you’re a girl, then you will know that bobby pins are like gold.  You start off with a hundred and are down to three within a week.  I lose these things like crazy, until I found out that they can be bought in these convenient little packs.  They didn’t fall all over in my backpack, and when I took them out of my hair, I just placed them back in the container.  I was down to about 5 by the time I was finished with my last trip, but I also lasted 4 months on one purchase, something I haven’t even been able to do while at home.

Makeup Wipes


This one is simple ( ^haha, I didnt even mean to do that).  Avoid the extra liquid, pack these babies, and even in your drunkest stupors you can wipe off that nastiness caked in your lashes.

Split your prescriptions


I always put one bottle in my carry on and one in my backpack, just in case my luggage doesn’t make it.  You’ll have enough to hold you over until you can find a pharmacy.



Tampons, like women, come in all shapes and sizes.  You don’t want to be stuck shoving something foreign looking up there.   Or maybe you do.  You do you gurrrrl.

A Journal

 This one is for everyone.  Especially when you travel alone.  There are going to be times when you have absolutely no one to talk to.  It’s going to be hard because you’re having all these thoughts, and meeting all these people, and seeing all these things, but there’s no one to enjoy the experience with you.  But there is.  YOUR JOURNAL is now  your best friend.  And she is way better than your real best friend because she doesn´t make you feel guilty when you are being FUCKING STUPID.  No, the real great thing about your journal is that it is a memory you get to take home with you.  A truthful, in-the-moment account of what you were seeing and what you were feeling at that exact moment in time.  In my opinion, it is more valuable than any picture you will ever take.

P.s.  I also have this extreme, anxiety-driven fear that I will forget absolutely everything that has ever happened in my life a lá ¨The Notebook¨, so I obviously need to record everything down so Ryan Gosling can read it to me later in life, and we can dance and be in love.  Duh.

Hope this helps some of you, these are the little things that have helped me out through the years.  Please leave any recommendations of what YOU think is important!

3 thoughts on “What girls should pack to go backpacking

  1. What do I think? Well because I’m your aunt I think your fabulous, but that aside, I cracked up. You are such a talented and engaging writer. I also got some good tips on the travel buys, Thanks, I learned something! As far as your procrastination, it is a “greene” family trait and, unfortunately, is a lifelong affliction….possibly terminal.
    Love you, have a great time, see you at “Klam”.

  2. A microfiber is one of the top things I recommend for any traveler! Also, I got one of those fancy Britta water bottles that has a filter so that I can fill it up at any faucet that comes my way. Plus, one filter lasts for 3 months, so it’s a handy investment.

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