Going Solo: 10 reasons to go abroad alone

1.  You always get the window seat

There’s no arguing over who had it last time or passive aggressive mumblings paired with envious glares.  You want to watch the rolling hills sweep by you on the train ride?  Go for it.

2.  No one to tell you it’s a bad idea

So what?  You find the guy with the mullet and mandals slightly attractive?  You want to tap that?  Jump right in.  There will be no one there who will judge you, well, at least no one that will follow you back home and tell all your friends and family about you hooking up with that hick from Kansas.

3.  Change of plans

Okay…about that guy from Kansas…not as good-looking the next morning?  Leave.  In fact, you could even leave the country if you so wanted to.  The entire trip is up to you.  When to stay, when to leave,  when to find a new hostel…

4.  Eat whatever you like, over…and over.. and over…

Croquetas…the reason I was born

In Spain I wanted nothing but croquetas.  They spoke to my soul.  So guess what I ate?  Fucking croquetas.

5.  See what you want to see

Stopping by every church I see sounds as good to me  as what’s-his-name from Kansas.  My idea of a good time is getting a latte, grabbing my journal, and people watching for an afternoon.  That’s not usually an activity for two.  And that’s just fine.

6.  Meet loads of new people

You are much more approachable as a solo traveller.  You’ll find yourself talking to shop owners, locals, and other travellers with ease.

7.  Get things you normally couldn’t get


Example:  I wanted to sound cultured see what an opera was like and so I tried to get tickets for Don Giovanni in Vienna. Thank God I was alone because there was only one ticket left.  Albeit next to a 6 foot wall.

8.  Take a day off

I always say I need a vacation after I return from travelling.  Even amidst eye rolls, I try to explain that it is, in fact, tiring.  Sometimes you just need those days off to recharge your mind and catch up on some much needed rest.

9.  Be responsible for you and only you.

I once went traveling with someone who ran a good 30 minutes behind everyone else.  Notice how I said once.

10.  Never splitting the bill

Finances are up to you.  You want to buy that replica of William Wallace instead of using your money for the pub crawl?  Besides solidifying the fact that you’re socially awkward, go for it.

Okay one more

11.  Solo means solo

The responsibility to learn more about your surroundings, to speak a foreign tongue, and to plan your own dream trip has no interference from any outside influence.  Without the option of placing any responsibility on anyone else, you will push yourself further and learn more along the way than ever before.

I know it all seems daunting, but once you go for it, you’ll never regret it.

13 thoughts on “Going Solo: 10 reasons to go abroad alone

  1. Great post! Youcould also add in about no one tell you that you don’t need to buy another pair of shoes, no one to tell you you shouldn’t be eating that 4th croissant at breakfast…..I could just go on…….

  2. Your post made me laugh and I completely agree. Also, when I was solo I feel like I was much more sociable. When you travel with someone you can tend to wall yourself off to the outside. When I was alone, I had to amuse myself somehow so I found myself in interesting situations (like feeding birds out of my hand with an old man in France) I don’t think would have happened if I was travelling with someone.

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